“Few men during…

“Few men during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used.” Richard E. Byrd

It’s a Wordy Wednesday so I think I’ll just do a little poetry. I love the quote above, but in fact it takes great courage to dig into the deep wells of strength that are never used.


To lead the life you call your OWN takes much strength and courage than is ever known

You change your life  you can’t just walk away from the life you created for the end of day

Not everyone can be saved my dear, but then who will make it becomes your fear

The battle isn’t yet won and everyone hasn’t come undone. Eventually it will be lost forever in a time you won’t be able to remember.

Sometimes to save a life doesn’t mean to risk your own-know your situation and if your life is worth letting go.

The strength inside you that resonates you’ll discover soon, there’s more than just the strength and fiery will that’s ignited in you.

But in this lifetime as we know it, your life is more important.

Let it go….Let it go


Just a little random poetry

The bomb went off, but somehow I’m still moving. My blue eye filled with grey smoke clouds as I watched part of me dying. My body still reeks of gasoline, I hear people crying. I feel the burning of my skin and I can still taste the blood in my mouth.

Like a robot I just keep moving, walking away from something I never had. Watch all the burning and the people going mad.

Two little hands seem to find mine, somehow they live without a scratch. Tears roll down my charred face, just got to get away, get away.

I can see a light at the end where the little hands lead me, with someone holding open the door, maybe I can get my torched body to make it a few steps more.

The bomb went off, but somehow I’m still moving.


A little late on the post today–Enjoy your day and be kind!!

Wordy Wednesday—

Whew, so with the moving and stress and settling in….I have slacked on blogging. And I’m not promising for the blogs to continue like normal after today, but I’m working on getting back into the routine. They probably will just be words or poems that I snag from others but that I enjoy, because I either don’t want to write the words myself as of late or not sure what I want to say when I do.  Here’s a little something:

We were standing in the rain

The sun would not shine through the dark ahead

The umbrella of lies didn’t protect the truth

As the rain kept pouring down

As I slipped away my hand so he could walk away, I saw a glimpse of what I already knew would happen anyway

When he left me crying in the rain, with acid water all around

I turned and left in my own direction and my soggy shoes found dry ground

The dark clouds began to part as I continued to walk my own way, the sun began to shine through all the gray….

Then only tears remained


Happy Wednesday—Be kind!

Saturday Sonnet


Come close my dear while I hold your heart

Take a minute to make your world your art

Breathe deep and simple, but take me all in

I am Picasso you are my muse

Fall away to another place

Where the time and people don’t allow mistakes

Where all is lost but nothing is gone

A time where nothing is wrong

Follow me down the road less traveled while we tell our stories to the traveling man

Take my hand to a place of glory, where only you see the promise of land.

Walk strong steps with me we as we go, there may be some loose footing along this road

Take note of something a little off, be the one who notices

Smile so bright it hurts my eyes

Make sure people see and recognize truth in their mind

Be strong dear one and walk away, take notice of everyday, breathe in soft, simple and sweet. Be all with little keeping you awake, let you be your own master of fate.

I may be a poet and you didn’t know it….a little something I thought I’d share.Rebecca-