Freedom Friday–Haters and Paula Deen

Freedom Friday--Haters and Paula Deen

Whoo-hoo it’s Friday!

I don’t get the whole Paula Deen thing, well, I do….people are ridiculous. Most wonder why I have such a low opinion of the human race and BOOM there it is. What people just want to be cruel for….what? What difference will it make if Paula Deen never does anything again, how will it affect you personally?? The things Paula Deen has done or said shouldn’t even register on a richter scale compared to MOST if not ALL young/old celebrities. What’s the difference?

I get so sick of haters. Really? Good things happen to people, or they make their dreams happen, or they go out and do good things and we have to find something to tear apart? REALLY? A bit backwards. But we focus on the 30K prisoners in California on a hunger strike and we are SO upset by THIS?! Looks like a bonus to me, clear out the prisons and pay less tax dollars…I see no problem…

Overcome envy, an insane amount of jealousy and greed and maybe….

Things shouldn’t matter to you unless they affect you directly. If they don’t, be happy for those people that are ONLY creating the world they want. If it bothers you…Go Create the world YOU want!

That’s my soap box for today….I know I don’t have time for haters, but sure….I’ll give them reasons to hate 😉
BE KIND……Happy Friday


Thankful Thursday—Playdough fun

Okay, so this craft isn’t handmade or anything too exciting but it keeps my little ones busy for such a long time! It works their cognitive skills, sensory skills, motor skills,  it’s imaginative and if you get in the fun with them–you can’t help but feel relax and enjoy your creations.

PLAYDOUGH is my friend. There are numerous ways you can make homemade play dough easily (Pinterest is aHmaYzing!), but lately since we have been in between houses etc I just bought some. However, this time when I bought the playdough I bought the “sweet shop” creation kit. This little kit had all the tools (knives, icing piping, cupcake holder, cookie maker) to have hours of fun. Cheap ($11-15) and well worth it for what it provides.

My littlest one has a hard time not wanting to just tear it all to pieces BUT that’s her being part of all the fun and learning just the same.

Ahhh, and as I type this on the front porch….it’s starting to rain…..makes today even better!

Be kind and have a Thankful Thursday!

Wordy Wednesday–Woman of strength

Hey all–You know how my wordy Wednesdays can be 😉 Just a little poem:


You are confused, she isn’t so nice….her blood is laced with ice. However she’s the most kind you’ll find- Her light will blind you, don’t look with your eyes…she’s one of the purest heart of time.

But she’s backed down for far too long, all so everyone could get a long. Between the drama and the rage, she scrunched into a little cage.

Uh oh, now she’s risen from the grave, either fall in step with her pace or run far far away.

Never underestimate a strong woman she’s the most bound and determined….and even if she’s played a little dumb, trust, she knows what’s been happening all along.

Don’t take for granted the only love she gives you’ll never feel it again while you live.

In her mind she’s connected the dots and she will no longer apologize at someone else’s cost. The door has been opened and out she went, no more exceptions ….

Be kind! Happy wordy Wednesday!

Thinking Tuesday-….”If you are constantly wondering how you are good for them, you think wrong. You should only be asking yourself how are they good for you?”

So hadn’t blogged in what feels like forever….time to get back into the swing of things. Back to myself, so prepare to read a lot-maybe I’ll have something good to say?

There’s times when we all forget this: we get lost in what’s going on around us-or maybe life just happens in different ways than we expect but we always have to get back to who we are. Maybe who we were doesn’t even exist anymore? Then it’s time to figure out who we are today and what we want.

There’s times when all we need is rest. Today and for the next few weeks….I’ll rest. The mind needs to shake out the cobwebs and focus on the real. Need to get rooted back….spread the branches that have been trimmed down to nothing….put on new leaves and get rid of the old.

I’m learning to do and have what I want….tricky right? I’m a person used to trying to please, I don’t know if I was trained from my father and his expectations, sports and coaches and theirs, being a mother. But it’s been a saying in my head over and over the last few days, ….”If you are constantly wondering how you are good for them, you think wrong. You should only be asking yourself how are they good for you?” This isn’t just about relationships with people though it’s even about different situations. If you are just going through it or going through it to please…maybe it’s wrong. Do it for YOU, let it be a truth or open your heart, let it reward you or gee just let it make you happy.

The older I get the more simple I like things. I appreciate things more and I’m also not willing to please….I appreciate that. I would love to be sitting under a gorgeous tree like the one in the photo….staring up into it’s secrets and wisdom…while letting everything fall away. SO I may not have the tree, but I have the chance to rest.

These are only my thoughts on this Tuesday. I hope everyone else has a great day. Be kind and go kick some ass today ;).

Tasty Tuesday–Watermelon Drink

Tasty Tuesday--Watermelon Drink

Okay…I admit, I haven’t actually made nor tried this recipe yet….but cut me some slack we are renting out a house at the moment! Talk about out of routine!

SO, someone try this and let me know! The only modification I would make (go figure I would change up a recipe) is the sourness…I love sweet but I love the combo of sweet and sour, so I would probably add some lemon juice to help cut down the sweetness of the watermelon. Now if you’re a big sweet tooth person…leave it! 🙂

You’ll need:
Half a watermelon, a full lime, and ice cubes.

Blend the watermelon in a blender with or with seeds, whatever you prefer…I would personally go without. Add about 8-12 cubes and squeeze your lime into the mix. Blend all that up until you get the slush/ice consistency.

This sounds sooo good….I want it now! It’s got to be refreshing on these hot days. YUM!

Have a tasty day, be kind!

When Something …

When Something Bad Happens – You Have Three Choices – You Can Either Let It Define You – Let It Destroy You Or You Can Let It Strengthen You

Sorry for no blog! WordPress?! What’s up?? I write a blog and it would disappear and not save it!! GRRR. But to the story….

 In the last month it’s like I played shoots and ladders and got shot to….I don’t even know where. Maybe my life was already changing before I even realized it.

My mother tells me I’m getting good at compartmentalizing….I’m not sure mom some days it feels like I’m in the funny house of mirrors just trying to make it out on the other side. Don’t get me wrong….I will make it out and when I do I’ll be a little wiser and stronger.

Too many weird things have happened lately. Trying to keep my husband de-stressed has finally stressed me, our old house burning down and dealing with insurance,  trying to maintain myself and be a good/patient mother to my children who are thrown WAY out of their routine, and still just going about my business in a house that isn’t ours.

You know me and people that really know me, know that I get on my soap box about life and dealing with it, by our response, choices and outlook. SO…..

….I only know that I don’t want to get my ass kicked by life….so my saying to myself as of late is go kick some ass, don’t let life kick yours. Because no matter what you’re doing, no matter what life you live, life will happen.

Today go out and try to refocus…do the things you usually do, give your workouts twice the push, don’t put up with anything you don’t have to, do something that makes you smile,  get your determination in place and move forward. Because I don’t know about you….but if something bad is going to happen….you can guarantee it’s going to make me stronger.

Have a happy Monday, be kind…go kick some ass!

Motivational Monday–Courage to move forward

Motivational Monday--Courage to move forward

Sometimes it takes the greatest courage of all to become who you are meant to be….E.E Cummings

As I get older and I think that I have life figured out, I hear myself say, “sit back kid, you don’t have a clue.” Maybe I should print a shirt that says that? Even though I feel this way….I’ll continue to move forward but life has become one of the greatest mysteries to me. No matter how I react, live, and approach situations. I have learned that there may be a side step in a dance I didn’t expect. Shoots and ladders…wondering how I got here or how it happened.

Lately, I know that in all things I do weather it’s life, running, modeling, or being a mother….I have to let go of my old ideas and move forward. It’s hard, just like everyone we get comfortable and like the routine of life.

So take your workouts, relationships, yourself, anything that you aren’t quite “you” in…and make the change. Have the courage and faith to move forward and makes those changes….

Be kind today